By Charlie Fish I Photos by Daymion Mardel

In an industry where retouching is mandatory and hyper-stylizing runs rampant, the stripped-down feel of Resource’s shoot must have been a welcome change for the 100+ models who piled into Splashlight Studios.

No hair and makeup. No fancy clothes. In fact, very little clothes were worn at all. The shoot was all about natural beauty, confidence, and interaction with others. So how did the models react when asked to disrobe and pose? Like true professionals, of course.

And while the rest of us weren’t born naturally tall, lean, and gorgeous, we common folks can learn a little something from the models. When asked the secret to appearing confident and sexy while being au natural, they gave these three tips:

– Make a connection with the camera and the photographer.

– Keep the eyes alive.

– Feel it from within.

Not bad advice. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a salad that needs some eating.





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