This short film follows three people that have isolated themselves from the outside world in order to coexist within their own idyllic empire. They are the three points of a triangle, standing tall, balanced and dependent. This is until desire and temptation riddles its way into their utopian lifestyle and throws the Trifecta off kilter. Acting upon this desire would shatter their world and project them into an empty reality. They must fight temptation and preserve their balance to remain indestructible.

It will be screened in 2012, at this wonderful new store called ATS, located in Soho. American Two Shot will host various types of events, including film screenings.

Artist statement
I’ve always been fascinated by human relations and the dichotomous nature of them. What fuels a relationship and what breaks it-­? and, in an ideal world, what would be the secret to maintaining an indestructible bond. With Joyeux Bordel, I really just wanted to take three people whose lifestyles defy the social norms and question human nature as we know it. All our expectations about gender, sex, and relationships dissolve away as we watch these characters striving to preserve a kind of love that differs from one we know.