By Adam Sherwin

I’m sorry, did you say; “de-blurring tool?”  While some might say Adobe is on its way to creating another great tool to save that almost successful shot from the depths of our endless “outs” archive of digital images, we say it’s another tool to save mediocre photographers from lazy habits.   There’s been a crazy buzz around Adobe’s newest project: de-blurring images! A few days ago, Adobe released  a sneak peek video regarding this new function, however this video was, ironically, a bit blurry.  You couldn’t clearly see the effect. A few days after this video was released, Adobe released an HD version of the video, making the new function easier to view.

Adobe MAX 2011 Sneak Peek – Image Deblurring

It might save us from deleting the occasional photo that was “almost good”  but what about the “decisive moment” or that little bit of mystery that comes from creating a truly great image. We already see our images instantly on digital cameras and auto-focus is faster and more-accurate then ever.  Has digital finally gone too far or are you, as photographers, happy about having yet another tool to save bad photos?

In addition to the video Adobe also released a blogpost where you can read all about the new the new function, how it works and its pro’s and con’s. There were some discussions about the pictures being used in the demonstration. It was rumored that in some of the pictures  the blurr was added after the fact and then taken out again.  Stil, in defense of this new effect, the picture of the crowd was actually blurry, taken by someone with a shaky hand.

We’re still on the fence about this new feature! What about you?

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