Dad’s a meat eater. Aunt Jane is a strict vegetarian. Cousin Bobby’s an on-again, off-again vegan. Little Susie won’t eat anything with icky green stuff in it. Oh, the joys of cooking meals for family members!

Are you hosting this year’s family Thanksgiving dinner? With all the requests, special diets, and other things you need to take into account, you have enough on your plate. This year, use photo tags to help everyone identify the food. This is a fun, easy, and crafty way to prevent any food confusion. All you need is your camera, a few slices of cheese and a set of alphabet cookie cutters!

Why should you go that extra mile and create food tags? Here are a few advantages:

  1. Saves you some stress during the dinner – everyone knows what they can eat and what ingredients are in each dish.
  2. Guests will know that you – the fabulous host – thought of every little detail and took that extra step to please them.
  3. They’re edible, so when (not if) someone spills the mushroom sauce all over them, no worries! Plus, when the turkey is gone the photo food tags will make a good excuse for potluck.
  4. You can show everyone that you’re an amazing photographer and super crafty! You can even make food tags with pictures of the guests faces as place settings and to give them credit for the dishes they brought.
Thanksgiving should be spent cherishing the time we get to spend with our family members – regardless of how crazy they are. Using photo food tags is a great way to eliminate some of the stress that goes along with holiday gatherings by allowing your guests to easily decide which dishes to pass and which ones to take seconds from. Dad will know to go straight for the turkey while Aunt Jane loads up on green bean casserole and cousin Bobby sticks to mashed potatoes and yams (at least for now). Little Susie just wants a slice of pumpkin pie.
So, have a little fun being the host this year! Give thanks and photo food tags. Happy eating!

For the instructions and more information about the food tags, CLICK HERE