Today at 11am on the Chase Jarvice channel, no one other than Ramit Sethi wil give you advice on the business of Arts and Photography. Ramit is a business guru, the author of #1 Amazon & New York Times Best-Selling “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.

So yes, he really knows a lot about the business. He will give you great ideas on how to get the most out of your own business, soDitch the idea of yourself as a starving artist. Throw away the notion that you’re doomed to be another poor creative soul. When you listen to his advice, you’ll be as inspired as you’ve ever been to get the most out of it!

Things that will be discussed on the show are:

  1. Specific techniques to negotiate with your clients
  2. Concrete strategies to help you earn more money per job, shoot, photo, etc
  3. How to –in very specific terms– illustrate the value of your creative work to your clients
  4. When to work for free (or cheap) and when NOT to
  5. How these principles can guide so many other parts of your life

And you can ask him question while the show is going on! Just tweet to @chasejarvis and/or use #cjLIVE.
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