The world of social media continues to expand.  We already have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Not long ago Google introduced Google+ and the Google+ pages. But, Lots of businesses are asking themselves, do we need this? Do we need to create a Google+ page or is it just a waste of time? Well we can’t answer that question for you but what we can do is give a little more information about the similarities between Facebook and a Google+ page.

With over 40 million users, Google+ page is the fastest growing platform ever. However, it’s still a lot smaller than Facebook. Can we even begin to compare Google + to Facebook? Of course there are some resemblances but there some major differences
as well.

For instance, the option to add people to your page is possible on Facebook but not with a Google+ page. With a Google+ page people have to add you or talk about you before they can be added to the circles unless you have a ‘normal’ profile. Only then you can add people. Another difference is the fact that on Facebook, businesses are allowed to create a contest around their page. A contest to get more ‘likes’. On Google+ this is not allowed. However, you can post a link that refers to another contest. On Facebook, companies and people get notifications when people talk about them, this doesn’t happen on Google+. You have to look for mentions yourself.

So those are some of the differences, but what are the similarities?  Well, just like Facebook Google+ also allows you to share updates and photographs. But you don’t have to share everything with everyone, you can choose. People can +1 your post, which is a bit like ‘Liking’ a post on Facebook, however you can’t +1 something like a business. So, in a way, it is like Facebook, a place where you can connect with your costumers, and engage with them. But a Google+ page can do some things Facebook can’t.




One of those things is creating a hangout. A hangout is a sort of chat room where people can join the conversation whenever they want. It’s a great way for costumers to ask questions directly to companies and a great way for companies to strengthen those relationships and build a better brand name. You can’t, however, participate on a hangout on a mobile device.

There are also some differences between a ‘normal’ Google+ profile and a Google+ Page. For example, on a Google+ page, as a person you can invite people to your profile and as a business you cannot. The page can be created for different categories where the normal Google+ profile can just be created For one person. You can only share posts with people in your circles, there’s
no extended circle.

The great advantage to creating a Google+ page is the Search Engine Optimization. Of course Google has connected the search engine itself to the Google+ page. When you create a Google+ page it will come up high in the search engine list. You can also add a +1 button to your page so people can like it. You can’t like other businesses though.

As you can see, there are a lot of pros and cons for creating a Google+ page. We did create one, for the simple fact that photographers are one of the target groups on Google+ and we can engage with them really easily through this medium. We’re still trying to get the hang of it though.

So tell us, does your company have a Google+ page, and how are they using it? Do you think it’s a valuable new platform or not?