Printing photos on metal has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t really an option for non-professionals. Now anyone can make their photographs shine!

A company called, now allows anyone to upload any photo and have it printed onto specialized aluminized metal! Printing your photographs on aluminized metal really gives them a creative, rich modern look – adding depth and dimension to an otherwise flat surface.

Aluminized photos are embedded into the fabric of the aluminum, with the surface coating of the aluminum functioning as a translucent layer through which the image is viewed. This results in a three-dimensional aspect to the image. The technique really makes your photographs pop out from the background!

Because of the material that is used, the photographs will not damage as fast as photos printed on more common materials like canvas. Better still, you don’t need a photophrame anymore!

For more information about the costs, and sizes of photographs they print, visit their website.