Is there a definitive turning point in one’s life transitioning from childhood to adulthood? Photographer and senior at the School of Visual Arts Jessica Maria Manley looks to answer this question. With help from her younger sister, Melissa, Jessica has put together images which are stunning and speak to her main inspiration:  the ideals of women as set by the media and there impact on a young girl.

This hauntingly beautiful portfolio definitely speaks to our society and what type of messages we are sending our children. According to Jessica, “What is viewed as odd or disturbing can be linked to the disruption of the moral code, ingrained both in the observer as well as the subject matter being viewed.” The media is constantly streaming images of what we are supposed to look like and what products we are supposed to buy, and whether or not we acknowledge this, it does effect us.

Currently her project is in need of funding and can be found on Kickstarter. Her goal of $1,500 will go towards helping her produce a larger portfolio of images that will continue to raise awareness of the media’s effect on young minds. If you are interested in seeing Jessica’s work, or want to help fund her mission, visit

Some of Jessica’s Images

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