By Ashley Shufelt

What do you get when the people behind SmugMug and professional photographer Kevin Kubota put their photography-loving heads together? You get the Camera Awesome app, a free iPhone app that is awesome enough to fool your friends into thinking you’re a pro. With just one tap of the screen you’ll be able to create near-perfect images on your phone. Pixilated, out-of-focus pictures are no longer the standard for mobile cameras. Only awesome will do.

In a press release Don MacAskill, CEO and “Chief Geek” at SmugMug, had this to say; “The iPhone is revolutionizing photography by empowering us to invent the camera you never knew you always wanted. It only takes a few minutes to realize you’re holding the future of photography in your hands. The world will be a better place when everyone has an app worthy of the iPhone camera.”

Three Simple Steps

  1. Shoot: Camera Awesome is faaasst, and so simple anyone can use it. And yet, it has high-end features even expensive cameras lack, such as a level for the horizon and the ability to focus on one spot and set exposure on another.
  2. Awesomize: One tap makes your photos come alive with vibrant color.   Hundreds of professional effects, filters and borders transform your memories from forgettable camera phone snappies to gorgeous works of art.
  3. Flaunt: Share on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SmugMug, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, SMS and email with one simple tap.

Half the fun of taking pictures with your phone is sharing them with your friends, right? Well, not necessarily your friends but your Facebook “friends”—you know, those people you probably lost touch with the day after high school graduation that can still monitor every update in your life. Point is the Camera Awesome app offers 1-Tap and 0-Tap sharing to Facebook and all of your other favorite social media sites. Tap once to capture the image and once more to upload it to Facebook, tweet it to your followers, or add to your Flickr and/or SmugMug accounts. If shooting video is more your thing, take awesome videos and easily upload them to YouTube. Or set up auto-sharing and keep the focus on shooting. “The iPhone camera is changing the way people shoot—and now, with Camera Awesome, our shooters can feel like the end product’s legit enough to share—and then share it instantly,” said MacAskill.

So what makes pictures taken with the Camera Awesome app so awesome? Well one thing, for sure, is the involvement of professional photographer Kevin Kubota. He’s not just a pro that takes breathtaking wedding photos; he’s also the brains behind Kubota Image Tools which happens to be the primary source for the most popular post-processing effects found in Photoshop and Lightroom. “

“I was thrilled to create filters for Camera Awesome because of the power it places in the hands of iPhone photographers,” said Kubota. “Kubota filters are the standard for pro photographers around the world who use programs like Photoshop®, and now they are available to everyone via Camera Awesome.” said Kubota. “

So, not only will you be able to take better pictures faster with great features such as a better sensor, more megapixels, infrared technology, and a live-element lens that offers 30 percent more sharpness and wider aperture. Camera Awesome also offers a fast and intuitive editing platform as well as features that will allow the shooter to pick a particular focus point and specific points for exposure. Once you have your image captured you can now customize every photo with a wide range of special effects. How many effects you ask? Downloading Camera Awesome gives you access to 4 free effects packs with 9 filters in each one. Want more? In app purchases allow you to add up to 29 effects packs with 9 filters in each for 99 cents each. That’s a total of 262,143 possible effects combinations. If that number seems incomprehensible or fiddling with filter packs is not your preference. Camera Awesome offers a one tap “Awesomize” button that will make sure your photos come out looking awesome every time.  Powered by Athantech’s patented and award winning Perfectly Clear technology, when pressed the Awesomize button analyzes your photo and makes over 10 automated corrections. Saving you time and making every shot you take look awesome!

After taking so many awesome photos, you’ll definitely want to save them and keep them somewhere safe, just in case someone wants proof that you can take professional quality photos with just an iPhone. SmugMug offers a photo sharing service with, “unmatched security, unlimited uploads, originals archiving, customizable privacy controls and heroic support.” All of this for $5 a month or $40 per year.  Sign up through the Camera Awesome app and you save  50 percent off a personalized SmugMug gallery.  And, when you use SmugMug with Camera Awesome, you get 0-Tap unlimited cloud archiving and a guarantee that every megapixel will be protected.

Now, go download Camera Awesome and start taking awesome photos with your iPhone.