By Leslie Lasiter —

Souvenirs From Earth, the twenty-four hour television art network that broadcasts in France and Germany, is screening the work of artist, photographer and director, Iris Brosch, June 28 at Palais de Tokyo in Paris at 5:00 p.m.

Iris Brosch is known for her empowering images of the female form and spirit, which are steadfast in both the artist’s commercial and personal work. In addition to capturing striking images for fashion powerhouses like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, Brosch devotes considerable energy to her personal artistic projects, mostly tableaux vivants, living paintings that celebrate and encourage female expression unadulterated by confining societal pressures.

In an interview with Souvenirs From Earth, Brosch states: “Whatever I touch, if I touch commercial work, if I touch art work, I do it with the same intention . . . I like to create something that is full of beauty, full of belief in us, in our body and our souls.”

Below is a teaser video for the screening at Palais de Tokio:

For more information on Iris Brosch and her body of work, visit her website