by Alexandra Niki

For “centuries” now artists have struggled to separate themselves from the next. These days, with over population and all, its even more difficult. We have lots of competition, too many similar styles, websites, portfolios, concepts, names, reps, ideas, business cards and just not enough jobs. There’s also only so much room for LEGENDS like Avedon, Newton, Arbus, Penn, Etc… So some photographers have already resorted to branding themselves with LOGOS and TAGLINES. Let see what our photography community has come up with.

First of all, some taglines I’ve seen float around the internet (not saying that I like ’em all…but food for thought):

Celebrating Childhood in Photographs

Photography for Life

capturing life……as it happens

Let your true colours shine though

Capturing the story of your life, one chapter at a time

It’s like photography. But more fun.

photos you’ll love….with memories for life

Photography moments captured…..naturally

Because Life is Beautiful

Capturing moments from today…Creating memories for a lifetime

Capturing the moments that captivate your heart

Because every picture tells a story…….let me help you tell yours

Focusing on your moments, your life.

Shoot the inlaws,  frame the wife, hang the kids”

Focusing on your moments, your life

My Mom Shoots People


Your Day is a Love Story…Tell it to the Camera

memories in a snap

Love looks like this

your life in print

Because you want to remember forever

Capturing life with natural light photography


Okay enough of the taglines, let’s see some logos:




That’s my marketing research for today. Design is important- especially for a visual community like ours. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a tagline and logo? How competitive are you with your marketing strategies. I’d like you guys to send in some logos and taglines you’ve created and I will post them next week. Hope this inspired you!!

Please send taglines and logos to alex@

Last week I posted some photo related tattoos and got a couple photos back:

Richard Avedon on Dan Depew:

And a Canon AE-1 “(the first camera that sparked my interest in photography). It also says say cheese on the camera strap. It was done in the traditional tattoo style.” on Danielle Davis:


Thanks for sharing guys- awesome tattoos!!

I’d also like to thank Scott Bourne for an incredible mention…I’m blushing Scott!! Check out his blog and this article!


See you next week!