I think we call them heroes because in the beginning the things that they did were so heroic for our customers. SmugMug’s approach to customer support is revolutionary. We hire them for their passion and for their knowledge of photography so that they can understand our customers. The first place we look for our heroes is among our customers. Being customers first, we really understand. We’re empowered to do as much as possible for the customer. We want to answer every email and every chat within 24 hours 365 days a year. Our customers often tell us that the best thing that we ever did at SmugMug is the support network that we set up.

What’s SmugMug?

What’s missing from online photo/video hosting and sharing? Passion. Meet SmugMug, with billions of happy photos and millions of passionate customers. A photo sharing service with unmatched security, unlimited uploads, originals archiving, customizable privacy controls and heroic support. Archive, share, print and sell the photos you love with SmugMug and SmugMug Pro.

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