By Iliana Hagenah –

We are pleased to announce that our Summer issue was distributed this week and is now available at your favorite studio or bookstore! We know this issue surely will defy your expectations!

Our cover article, Breasts That Pop, features photographer Henry Hargreaves, whose latest endeavor is shooting, well… boobs. But not just in any old fashion–Hargreaves has brought a dash of 3D to the ancient tradition of depicting the female form. (in celebration of boobs, Resource invites you to Bosom Buddies: The Breast Auction Ever, an auction of some of Hargreaves’ photos. All proceeds will benefit Young Survival Coalition, a breast cancer support group. Keep checking our website and twitter for more information.)

In addition to our profile on Hargreaves’s work, wildlife photographer and social media guru Scott Bourne chats with us, sharing his tips on marketing and dealing with twitter trolls. Resource also will take you on an all-American “road trip” with our guide telling you the best equipment rental companies from sea to shining sea. Along the ride, meet some exciting new gear that will amp up your photography experience, including the Sigma SD1 Merill its Foveon innovative X3 sensor.