Norway: Nigardsbreen, Plate I, 2011

By Janet Alexander–

Caleb Cain Marcus‘ 2nd monograph, A Portrait of Ice, is a thoughtful continuation from his first book, The Silent Aftermath of Space (2010), exploring our relationship to space.  Caleb’s large-scale photographs include text by American curator and critic Marvin Heiferman and Robin Bell, a senior researcher at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Three of the images have been acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Born in Colorado, but now living in New York City, Caleb says of his photography, “The preconceived line between the artist’s vision and what the subject resonates blurs until the influence from artist and subject can no longer be distinguished.” These are photographs of icebergs like you’ve never seen before.

New Zealand: Fox, Plate IV, 2010

Iceland: Fláajökull, Plate I, 2010

The book is available at Clic Bookstore in NYC