A photo competition unlike any other we’ve seen: EyeTime 2012. Assembled by photographers, professors, and students, EyeTime 2012 Photo Competition is a free photography contest to enter and is supported by the ICP (International Center of Photography), APA (American Photographic Artist), ADC (Art Directors Club), and is hosted by The Morpholio Project. Submit a collection of up to three photographs by September 17th and sixteen finalists will be selected in Emerging Talent and Future Voices categories, respectively. A guest jury, including Resource Magazine’s own co-Editor-in-Chief, Aurelie Jezequel, and tech editor and Resource TV director/producer, Adam Sherwin will decide who wins among the finalist. It all sounds like your usual photography contest, but in this case “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” EyeTime is an application that will capture and record the amount and type of viewing time an image receives. For every second an image or a collection is viewed by others, the entrant will accumulate EyeTime. the collections with the most cumulative EyeTime will be selected as finalists. Collections must be viewed on an iPad or iPhone to accumulate EyeTime. In this way, the competition is first, and foremost an experiment in understanding how his or her work is experienced by others.

 Visit: http://mymorpholio.com/site.php/home/eyetime2012 and enter today!