By Katie Noble.








I may be slightly impartial, but it’s pretty obvious why Boston was ranked #4 (out of 50) in Business Week‘s annual ‘America’s Best Cities’ listing. Outside of its rich history, booming nightlife and unparalleled education, Boston is also one of the most creative and innovative cities in the country.

As a photo editor and photographer, I find Boston to be an inspiring place to be. With so many resources to leverage, incredible talent and exceptional people and places to shoot, I couldn’t possibly think of living anywhere else.

Because of this depth of creativity, I founded Photo Nights Boston to provide a community where professionals, students and the casual shutterbug can gather to discuss, share and learn all things photography. Our passionate, 100 percent volunteer, executive board, committees and advisors are working to bring events and opportunities for us to come together online and in-person. We’re also working to bring something extravagantly unique to Boston – a public photo festival, designed to showcase the incredible talent in and around the city.

To help us make these dreams come alive, we are teaming with Zero2Sixty Creative and ETD Coaching to host our second annual Industry Event Boston (IE Boston 2012). It’s where, for one night a year, Boston’s inclusive creative community comes together to celebrate its successes, catches up with favorite collaborators and makes new connections that will help drive our businesses and city forward.

The best part about this event is that it’s open to everyone–producers, stylists, art buyers, photographers and filmmakers–from the full-time creative to those who want to dip their toe in this world.

So regardless of your craft or passion, we hope you’ll join us this year and help us celebrate Boston in all of its creative splendor. To learn more and register for the event, please visit:  We hope to see you there!


Katie Noble is the founder and executive director of Photo Nights Boston (PNB), a new non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the power of photography and engaging the human spirit through public art. To fulfill its mission, PNB is planning to host a public photo festival in Boston in 2013. To learn more and stay on top of PNB’s upcoming news and events, please visit: