Darkest Before Dawn, Joseph Cultice

By Janet Alexander–

Originally from Phoenix Arizona, to quote Josep Cultice’s own website, “his teenage waterbed dreams became reality when he moved to New York City in 1990.” As Joseph proved himself as a man of many talents, he was able to crossover from rock ‘n’ roll music images into celebrity and fashion photography. His highly provocative series, The Garden, in addition to works by accompanying artists Chris Jehly and Rich Tu, debuted this past Friday at Baang+Burne’s Boys Don’t Cry exhibit. Joseph’s surrealist, luscious images depict himself and his own family caught between “contradicting desires for limitless debauchery and domestic bliss, as a messy domestic life interspersed with seemingly wild liberation.” Boys Don’t Cry remains on display through November 8th. RETV was there to see it all, so behold…

Joseph Cultice at Baang+Burne Contemporary from RETV from Resource Magazine on Vimeo.