By Janet Alexander–

Ever since 3D printing entered the market back in september 2010, it’s decidedly become the next frontier in image making. Now the world’s first 3D photo booth is about to open in Japan. The Omote 3D photo booth creates miniature versions of human subjects. Hold still for fifteen minutes while the manually-operated scanner records a full-body image, and be aware that at least for now, poses and outfits are limited to be as simple as possible. Shiny jewelry and accessories are ruled out, as are stiletto heels, hoop earrings, anything with a mesh, fluffy jumpers, chiffon, trekking boots, stripes, glasses and bags.

Unlike old-fashioned photo booths, the Omote produces just a single image, but it’s a veritable action figure of yourself, so it’s forgivable. The 3D prints start at about $265 for a 4-inch figurine and go up to $530 for an 8-inch mini-you. The photo booth opens as a pop-up store at  Eye of Gyre gallery in the fashionable Harajuku district of Tokyo on November 24, and will only be available until January 14, so you might as well use this limited time opportunity as an excuse to take a trip to Japan.