Today, Fujifilm announced new products at their CES 2013 conference. Here’s the rundown:

X Trans CMOS II: features no low pass filter, 6×6 color filter, and reductions in noise, phase detection pixels on the sensor,

EXR Processor II: minor upgrades to keep up with the new sensor performance

Two new X series cameras introduced. Both cameras have minor upgrades on the outside but major upgrades on the inside.

X100s: 16.3 mp sensor, EXR II processor, 23mm f2 lens, aspherical elements, 25 percent better resolution, 30 percent better signal to noise ratio. Low light dark areas in image samples are really well done, with very little noise.

Chris Gampat fujifilm CES 2013 announcements x20 and x100s (17 of 22)ISO 32001-125 sec at f - 1.4

Phase detection of 0.08 sec is what the company claims. Hybrid AF with Phase detection of contrast based detection.

Split image/prism for manually focus. Focus peaking was also added.

New hybrid viewfinder with 100% coverage with 2.36 million dots in electronic mode. Quick menu button, 2.8 inch LCD with 460k dots and a leaf shutter.

Chris Gampat fujifilm CES 2013 announcements x20 and x100s (12 of 22)ISO 32001-120 sec at f - 1.4

Then there is the X20 with a new 12MP 2/3 inch sensor with the new processor. 4x optical zoom with built in IS with 20% better resolution. Phase detection is now present as well, but it uses Hybrid AF.

Chris Gampat fujifilm CES 2013 announcements x20 and x100s (8 of 22)ISO 16001-60 sec at f - 1.4

Viewfinder has a digital Trans panel for extra displays.

Superior photo albums are also a consumer option. They are special due to two pieces of paper being bonded together to produce better photos.

We were able to spend a short amount of time with both the X100s and X20. Our verdict so far: Fujifilm’s decision to not change much on the outside. The X20 and X100 already felt great and were surely based on the timeless design that Fujifilm cited in their presentation. I’ve reviewed both cameras and they feel great each time I pick them up.

But what really impressed me this time around was the new X20’s viewfinder. When I autofocused, I saw visual confirmation in the viewfinder and it was really awesome to finally get that in a pint sized point and shoot camera.

We’re really excited to play with the cameras more when we get the chance. Stay tuned for more first impressions!