We’ve never heard of a vintage camera fetish, but perhaps extreme photography enthusiasts are the ones who’re bidding for an Alameda, California resident’s lifetime collection of vintage cameras. Only two days remain on the eBay posting from seller  kka20101, whose fifty years of cameras include Canon, Nikon, Rollei, Yashica, Polaroid, Kodak, Fuji, Pentax, Petri, Mamiya, “etc. You name it.” As of now, bidding is at $55,000 for what the seller says is, “definitely at least 1,000; maybe a little more, never count it,” number of cameras, and continues the ambiguity by mentioning, “Can’t list the specific models and specification due to large amount of collection.” The condition of the cameras varies widely–no surprise!–as the seller warns, “please don’t assume that every camera is in mint or %100 working.” Take it, or leave it, this is a definite “lot deal,” so if you are launching your own vintage camera museum, or want to try out for that TV show, Hoarders, take note that “self pickup is most preferable way to finish up the transaction,” which means you’ll probably also need a semi-truck to “finish up the transaction.” Shipping alone will set you back $2000. See it for yourself here.


Ebay, Auction, Ebay-Auction, Camera, Vintage, vintage-cameras

Ebay, Auction, eBay, eBay-Auction, Vintage, Cameras, vintage-cameras

Ebay, eBay, Auction, eBay-auction, vintage-cameras, vintage, cameras