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5500K: The Little Fisheye in a Big Pond

chris gampat February 20, 2013 TECH

The fisheye perspective can be really fun to play with because of just how amazingly wide the perspective is. It can also yield some very creative images when used outside of the box. One student from the University in Aberystwyth is aiming to make Fisheye shooting more accessible to people. His solution: a miniature digital fisheye camera that quite literally fits in the palm of your hand.

The camera is currently an experiment on IndieGogo and the camera’s creator, Greg Dash, hopes to rake in around 35,000 Euro in order to produce the little digicam on a mass market level. In fact, he is marketing it as a cheap and small way to document the world around you with the ultra wide perspective. His inspiration came from the fact that many manufacturers already make fisheye conversion lenses for mobile phones (and there are tons of them for the iPhone). “Fisheye lenses are often expensive, and so far the only way to get a fisheye effect on a point and shoot is to DIY your own lens using a door viewer, as until now it was not thought possible to combine the lens within the body of a compact digital camera,” says Dash.

So what does this camera sport technically?

– A lens with a 170 degree field of view

– The camera has variable image quality settings. It can shoot anywhere from 2MP to 12MP

– The design was inspired a bit by the Lomography company–who produce their own fisheye camera but for the analog film users. As of recent, the company has produced lots of 110 film using cameras, some of which are fisheye. This is probably where the design for Dash’s camera came from the most.

– A unique time lapse mode that will shoot one photo either every second or every seven days. What this translates into is some very insane battery life.

– a CMOS sensor, no word on exactly how large yet. CMOS sensors tend to use less battery life though, and perhaps this is what contributes to the camera’s ability to shoot for so long. No rating has been given to the battery life yet either. It could also mean that the low light image technology (ie High ISO results) might also be quite good since he is opting to keep the megapixel count down.

– f3.5 lens, no word on the design specs of the lens yet either.

– HD video mode–which should be really fun.

No other major specs have been released yet but we can assume that it will possibly shoot to Micro SD cards or SDXC if at all possible. This is a camera that will do very well with not only creatives but could also just be played with as a fun toy when on a vacation. We can only imagine all of the cat and dog photos that will be posted onto Flickr and Facebook when one of these little cams is shoved into their faces. It could also be a pseudo-GoPRO competitor sans the waterproofing abilities.

We’re excited to see just how far this project goes.


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