By Liana Rivas –

Earl Steinbicker, one of Richard Avedon’s assistants from 1952-1965, has created an app, Assisting Avedon, that gives Avedon fans an in-depth, first-hand look, into the experience of having worked under the famed photographer. Steinbicker, just seventeen when he reached out to Avedon for an apprenticeship, forged a personal relationship with the photographer and shares the events behind Avedon’s most memorable pictures as well as gives insight into the photographer’s personality and his exceptional work ethic that drove him to reach new heights with his photography.

Richard-Avedon, Assisting-Avedon, Assisting-Avedon-app, Earl-Steinbicker

©Stanley Donen

Richard-Avedon, Assisting-Avedon-App, Assisting-Avedon, Earl-Steinbicker

©Earl Steinbicker

Assisting-Avedon-App, Assisting-Avedon, Earl-Steinbicker, Richard-Avedon

©Earl Steinbicker


The app, published by Sutro Media, is filled with interesting and extensive material, such as technical and biographical info, pictures and any and everything else that is related to Avedon.

The app is available on the iPhone and iPad and is $4.99; the price covers any possible updates.

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