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Diego Fazo Defies Photography With a Pencil

Resource Magazine February 7, 2013 Uncategorized
DevianArt Diego Fazo-3

At first glance, Diego Fazo’s images look nice enough, until you realize that they are actually hand-drawn. Yea, seriously, look again. Fazo is a 23 year old Italian pencil illustrator and apparently also a master of optical illusions. Not surprisingly, his frighteningly photo-realistic drawings are rapidly circulating across the web, not to mention amongst Resource Magazine’s own staff, who unanimously suspect Fazo’s art is worth more than just a second look.

Fazo has never been formally trained in the art of drawing; he taught himself everything he knows. Trained as a tattoo artist, and originally posting his work on the artists networking website DeviantArt, Fazo’s skills developed as he became increasingly enamored with creating realistic drawings. Taking inspiration from Japanese artists such as Katsuskika Hokusai, he learned precision from the oriental drawing techniques of his mentors. Working with just a pencil, each painting takes up to 200 hours to create.

Click here to read more about Diego Fazo’s amazing work.

Click here to see Fazo’s DevianArt page.

©Diego Fazo

©Diego Fazo

©Diego Fazo

©Diego Fazo

diego fazo painint 3

©Diego Fazo

diego fazo painting 5

©Diego Fazo

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