PocketWizard announces PlusX, a ten-channel, wireless 0ff-camera flash trigger. Of course, the 10 Channel PocketWizard PlusX uses PocketWizard’s patented “Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology,” which means it automatically switches between transmit and receive as needed, using only three PocketWizard radios: the one in your hands, a PlusX cabled to a remote camera, and the one connected to a remote flash–making it a viable product for first-time users and experienced PocketWizard purchasers alike. Just turn it on, connect it to the flash or camera and set the channel. That.Is.It. The PlusX slides into your camera’s hot shoe without any cables. For remotes, it features one do-it-all miniphone (3.5mm or 1/8”) sync port. And every PlusX comes complete with a miniphone-to-miniphone cable, a miniphone-to-phono (1/4″ or 6.3mm) adapter for triggering the majority of modern flashes. Ultra-fast microprocessors allow for reliable sync speeds of 1/250 second for focal plane shutters and 1/500 second for leaf shutters. The PlusX’s antenna is internal to minimize obstruction and increase durability. In keeping with its reputation of range and reliability, the PlusX is compatible with all PocketWizard transmitters and receivers and adapts to whatever lights and cameras you may be using. And perhaps, best of all, the PlusX costs less than other PocketWizard radios, so you get the trusted brand name, without breaking your budget.

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