International street photographer Eric Kim is teaming up with Chicago-based street photographer Satoki Nagata to teach a three-day photography workshop in Chicago April 19 through April 21. “Introduction to Street Photography: Take Your Street Photography to New Heights,” offers beginner and intermediate level photographers the fundamentals of shooting street photography. Kim and Nagata will be instructing on how to produce visually captivating pictures and conquering fears when it comes to shooting street photography, along with offering up multiple tips and tricks of the trade. Each photographer will also receive helpful constructive criticism in order to help them improve their street photography.

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©Eric Kim, All the World’s a Stage series

Only fifteen aspiring street photographers are to be chosen to attend this limited workshop. Registration applications for the early bird discount special for the workshop are being accepted up until Sunday, April 14. The syllabus for the workshop is as follows:


  1. How to conquer your fear of shooting street photography
  2. How to become invisible and shoot without anybody noticing you
  3. How to react to people who get offended
  4. The fundamentals of design & composition in street photography
  5. How anticipate & capture “The Decisive Moment”
  6. The best technical settings to use on your camera
  7. The secret of creating beautiful black and white photographs
  8. How to master editing & workflow in Lightroom 4
  9. How to develop a razor-sharp eye when shooting on the streets
  10. The fundamentals of critique & feedback in street photography

The workshop will also feature presentations, but overall, Kim and Nagata are promising more hands-on activity than lectures. In addition to picking up some new techniques, this workshop allows you to showcase your own work to Kim and Nagata for review. Kim is also creating a private Facebook group after the workshop is finished, so the group can stay in touch and continue to share their photographs with each other. Tuition for the workshop is $495 (with the early-bird discount) or $800 after April 14. Student discounts are also available. You can email for more information. The location of the workshop is to be announced.