Photoshop geeks will enjoy the Budapest photographer Flora Borsi‘s series that crafts images out of the editing software’s unique terms. Holding up a poster board mimicking the tools, Borsi transforms her own image to play on the tool’s name. For example, “convert to smart object” turns her into nerd chic; or her lipstick goes awry, of course, when she selects “smudge tool.”

After this and her equally witty, and more recent, “Time Travel” series, where she places herself in popular historical photos, what will she think of next?

(via WebUrbanist)

Flora-Borsi, Photoshop

©Flora Borsi

photoshop-based-manipulation-series, Flora-Borsi, Photoshop

©Flora Borsi

photoshop-in-real-life, Flora-Borsi, Photoshop

©Flora Borsi


©Flora Borsi, “Time Travel”