Girls’ night out. Blurred pictures of painted lips, martinis and stilettos. Unfortunately, you dropped your beloved cherry-red Nikon 1 J1 in the toilet. How do you replace it? Go to Best Buy and pay full price? Or, you can try out Greentoe, the “name your own price “website for all things photography, home theater, appliances, baby items and music. The mind behind Greentoe, Joseph Marrapodi, came up with the idea as an alternative to market place haggling.

“My inspiration was that I can never negotiate on a product over the Internet.  I have been to many stores lately where you can negotiate–including places that you would never think would let you haggle. It amazed me that this cannot be done online. So, I decided to provide this service for consumers, and they love it.”

Greentoe takes the pressure of having to go into a store and working out a price. The first step to the process is to name your price. Greentoe will then notify only authorized retailers. The first retailer to accept your price makes the sale. Tax and shipping are included and you have at least 14 days to return the item if not satisfied. All the items are new, which makes it unlike Ebay or even craigslist. The site is particularly a Godsend for photographers: with equipment’s prices sky-rocketing, budding and professional photographers alike have to keep an eye on their wallets.

“I think Greentoe will affect photography and film in a great way. It will allow more people to participate in making content because equipment will be more affordable for them. It will also give content creators more options because they will have more gear to use, such as better lenses.”

With savings in the hundreds, Greentoe is certain to become a valuable resource.