By Liana Rivas.

Jack Eyes, a trendy, luxury eyewear line that was launched this past winter by Roy Schwalbach, has a new renovated space to call home. The line, which can be found in Jack Studios, Jeffrey’s Manhattan Eyeland, and on their website Jack Eyes, is now also on display right across the hall from the studio’s own espresso spot, Jack Café.


Jack-Eyes, Roy-Schwalbach, Luxury, Luxury-Eyewear

©Jack Eyes

Jack-Eyes, Eyewear, Luxury, Luxury-Eyewear, Roy-Schwalbach

©Jack Eyes

Jack-Eyes, Roy-Schwalbach, Eyewear, Luxury, Luxury-Eyewear

©Jack Eyes


Schwalbach is a modern-day renaissance man. Having been a model and actor in the 1990s, he turned to photography as his career choice. Shwalbach was an agent for photographers, directors and other creatives before opening up Jack Studios on a whim. He states in our Fall 2012 article, “The funny thing was that I didn’t know anything about the photo business.”

Why would a photography studio owner want to dabble in eyewear? It all came about last year after a fishing trip, when Schwalbach was put-off by an apparent incongruity, “I noticed guys would fly in with their jets, get on their $2-5 million boats, with their platinum Rolexes, all the while wearing really inexpensive delaminated plastic frames.” And with that, Jack Eyes was born!

Schwalbach has combined his businesses– Jack Studios, Jack Eyes and Jack Café–into one building. With the new renovated eyewear display space, Schwalbach says, “it’s ideal because there’s now a place to sip your coffee while mulling over which pair of stylish glasses to buy.  Plus, you might also see some other folks wearing Jack Eyes, giving our guests further inspiration!” If you would like to see the new Jack Eyes space as well as their display, head over to Jack Studios, located on 601 W 26th Street, Suite 1210, New York City, 10001.