By Janet Alexander.

With the acquisition of Fotomoto, liveBooks is making the working photographer’s job easier than ever before. Fotomoto’s e-commerce widget instantly turns your website into a fully functional e-commerce store by adding Buy Buttons to any and all of your digital files, related print-on-demand products, and images. And from there, Fotomoto takes care of the rest–printing, packing, or shipping–to let you focus on your creative passion to the fullest. As a social commerce application, Fotomoto integrates seamlessly with websites, blogs, social networks and countless platforms including Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr and Drupal. And because the shopping experience stays within the widget on your own site, web traffic isn’t redirected elsewhere. Fotomoto is the latest acquisition following Pinhole Press and Pinhole Pro –in October 2012–to offer superior quality print-on-demand marketing services and personalized photo gifts. “The acquisition of Fotomoto rounds out our portfolio of differentiated, premium-quality products for the photo community,” said liveBooks President and CEO Andy Patrick.” Through its current group of brands–Pinhole Press, Pinhole Pro, and Fotomoto–liveBooks Inc. is truly a full-service content management platform offering photo sharing, e-commerce and print-on-demand solutions including websites, mobile applications and other digital storefronts for the photography and design industries.

fotomoto, livebooks

Fotomoto Widget


fotomoto, livebooks

Fotomoto Dashboard, the command center of your digital store



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