By Tom Kray.

Someone I know is the latest project curated by Stuart Pilkington. It brings together hundreds of emerging and established photographers from around the world, with a simple brief, “Take a photo of someone you know, no matter how loosely.”
According to the project’s website, “The project is conscious of the fact that just like plumbers not having finished bathrooms and dentists having bad teeth, photographers don’t often apply their trade to people closer to home. It’s a chance for the people taking part to see if they can express their relationship with someone through means of a photograph.”
The resulting images have just been posted, to the projects website. The brief was widely interpreted and create a wonderful variety in styles, subjects and seriousness. Here are a few of the images but the entire collection is worth a look through.

Andrea-Chu, Vicky-2009, Someone-I-Know

© Andrea Chu, ‘Vicky 2009’

Andrew-Hetherigton, Someone-I-Know

© Andrew Hetherington, ‘Untitled’

Brian-Widdis, Someone-I-Know

© Brian Widdis, ‘He said ‘I Hate the Sun’

Colin-Blakely, Emma, Someone-I-Know

© Colin Blakely, ‘Emma’

Corey-Arnold, Someone-I-Know

© Corey Arnold, ‘Greg on the Klickitat’

Emily-Nathan, Aimee, Someone-I-Know

© Emily Nathan, ‘Aimee’

Harry-Watts, Adam-Broomberg-&-Oliver Chanarin-Polaroid-ID-02, Someone-I-Know

© Harry Watts, ‘Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin – Polaroid ID-02’

Igor-Starkov, Maxim-Ksuta-Noscov, Someone-I-Know

© Igor Starkov, ‘Maxim Ksuta-Noscov, the great russian artist and my great friend, 2012’