If you’re shooting close ups or just have images with a very shallow depth of field, finding the one with the right focus can be a time consuming process; especially if you have a high volume of images to sort through. Phase One explains how to use tools in their Capture One Pro 7 software to create to quickly find the most focused area of your images, making the process of sorting through them faster and easier. Phase one has a great tool and simple-to-follow tutorial on how to use it.

The tool is called the Focus Mask Function and works by analyzing each of the images it’s applied to find the most focused areas. If you’re familiar with focus peaking, you have a good idea how the tool works. Once an image is analyzed the Focus Mask Function lays a colored mask over the most-sharply focused area.

The Focus Mask Function can be found selecting View>Show Focus Mask or clicking the Focus Mask icon. The tool can be adjusted to your needs by sliders that control the threshold, opacity, and color of your mask.

Phase-one, Focus-Mask-Tool,

Courtesy of Phase One


Using Focus Mask and the Loupe tool Together

It’s a good idea to use the Focus Mask in combination with the Loupe Tool to zoom in and review at 100 % full detail enabling you to select the most accurately focused images, since the Focus Mask and the Loupe Tool can operate in the Browser as well as the Viewer.

Hide the Viewer by choosing View>Hide Viewer from the main menu. You will then be left with thumbnails only. Just as before you can turn on the Focus Mask, waiting a few seconds for the analysis to take place and the Focus Mask to appear.

EDU2013, Focus-mask-too, Phase-one

Courtesy of Phase One


Find the whole tutorial on Phase One’s Blog