Manfrotto is an innovator of camera supports and accessories. They’re constantly watching for changes in the photography and listening to what photographers at all skill levels are asking for, in order to keep bringing out great gear for any shooting situation. Manfrotto stands behind photographers, not only releasing great gear for them to use but has a blog, Manfrotto imagine more, filled with useful tutorials for all kinds of shooting situations.

With Mobile Photography’s rise in popularity Manfrotto offers a few suggestions on how to improve your iPhone images with the Manfrott Klyp. Like all small sensor cameras the iPhone struggles with low-light situations. Using the Klyp helps to drastically reduce noise and blurriness but that’s just the start of it’s applications. Klyp is often a new photographer’s first introduction to lighting and it should be noted that it’s okay to take the Klype off your phone. Move the light around, play with different angles and intensities to achieve different effects.

Richard Gray is running a 5-week advanced iphoneography workshop featuring the LED Klyp light and Manfrotto shared many of those images on their blog. You can see the whole post and tons of other great how-to articles here.

Manfrotto, KLYP, EDU2013, Barry-Blackmore

Jim Whitaker used the KLYP for fill-in light for this portrait of Barry Blackmore.



Manfrotto, Klyp, EDU2013

Elsa Chang gets an overhead angle, using the KLYP to dramatic effect in her portrait of Leticia Lascimiento


Manfrotto, Klyp, EDU2013

Elsa Change used the KLYP in very low outside lighting to achieve this striking portrait of Letician Nascimiento


Manfrotto, Klyp, EDU2013

Another indoor portrait with the KLYP by Shirley Hunter