I had almost given up on finding a good overview of photography history. I made a stop at Wikipedia, and the information was short and sweet. However it was too short and certainly too sweet, and teachers from my past perched on my shoulder, pecking away and chirping, “The information is unreliable!”—I never used to listen to them. I continued on. I passed through the tangled mess of websites that look like early web-forms from the 90s—all in courier font and containing no pictures. Timelines in hords could not satisfied my search. Soon, my hopes were low. I was desolate.

But then, all of the sudden I came upon the Encyclopædia Britannica. “Ah, yes!” I thought. “Those old dusty books my parents have on their bookshelves.” Only, the one I was looking at was the web- and subscription-based version—except on my monitor, there was no dust to be found. And luckily for me, the subscription blockade was not placed in front of photography history, so I was able to indulge in my success of finally finding a good and the best overview of photography history.

To read about the history of photography and to share in the spoils of my search, visit britannica.com