Sports Photos is a new platform launched by Brandon Schatz as a place for sports photographers, athletes and fans to come together, so that the images the photographers create can be found by the people who want to see them. Schatz said the inspiration for the was, “Back in the day when I was playing sports, I remember seeing tons sports photographers, but I always wondered where their photos ended up.”

Sports Photos takes the mystery away. It organizes the photos by sport, location, and date. It uses all the relevant data to create a massive archive of where it becomes easy for athletes searching for the photos of themselves to find the images and buy them from the photographer who took them.

“We are a platform, not a photography company. We do this so we can provide a service and show off the skills of talented photographers and athletes alike,” Schatz explained. “Photographers are all doing their own thing right now. What I am doing is presenting them an opportunity to work together. Everybody wins.”

Sports Photos is open to photographers working at any level and registration for photographers is completely free. So if you’re shooting sports or are a fan of sports photography check out


Via TechCocktail