In a recent video posted on YouTube, an enormous wedding party shows the world why rain might not be the thing to dampen the celebration. After the weather held out for Frank and Tricia Fearon’s wedding, the day seemed to going their way—things seemed really magical. And as they positioned the twenty-nine member wedding party, which for the photographer, couldn’t have been easy, the day played a not-so-magical trick on them. The dock tipped. And in went all twenty nine of them dresses, suits, iPhones and all. Of course, the party wasn’t ruined—how does it go: “No use crying over spilt wedding parties?” The couple told Good Morning America in the video that there was still plenty of fun to have after the wetting party was checked out and dried.

Moral of the story: Looking for unique shots for your wedding shoot? Don’t do this; it’s already been done.

(via Yahoo)

[youtube id=”oA6gOSIJoQU” width=”620″ height=”360″]