Cosmopolitan magazine recently posted online about boudoir photography. They hear it from “many professional photographers” that increasingly women are doing boudoir sessions for themselves rather than gifts for a loved one. They’re probably not wrong either.

Photographers are beginning to add boudoir sessions to their arsenal of packages—right along side graduation and wedding photography. They offer boudoir as just a photography session, as gifts, for parties, like bachelorette parties, or for fun. And why not? Sex sells, right? Photographers need this kind of extension to further market themselves. How does the saying go? “Photographers cannot live by weddings alone?”

Curious about boudoir and what it is? Check out Cosmo’s post online:

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“I did it to feel empowered.”

Mariah N., 35, did her boudoir shoot three years ago to capture her body in moment of sheer empowerment and fierceness. “I felt nervous but proud of my own bravery to do it in the first place,” she says. “When the photos were ready a few weeks later, I was amazed at myself: I was able to look at see myself, if only for a minute, as someone else might see me—as a strong, confident and beautiful woman.”—Natasha Burton/Cosmopolitan