By Alice Lawson.

Before beginning your journey into the fashion world, it’s important to consider what part of fashion you are interested in. Could it be catwalk fashion/ modeling/ fashion and the arts/ fashion and marketing? The options are endless, however more often than not, someone with a true desire to break into the fashion world will have a love of anything fashion related.

From a young age I was mesmerised by fashion magazines, glossy images of beautiful clothes and stunning visual aids at catwalk shows, but my main passion was writing about these clothes, picking outfits and putting them together in order to write an article about what I love.

I now am lucky enough to spend my days writing about the fashion industry, the hottest trends and beautiful clothing which have just been launched. However, in order to be the best, you must compete against the best.

So how is it done? 

In order to break into the industry you need to understand that it won’t be as simple as it sounds. It takes hard work, determination and a passion to succeed, which leads me to my first tip: Never give up on what you believe in.

  1. If there is an option to participate in an internship, take this with open arms. The more experience you can gain the better it looks for future employees, and more than anything, you will learn and know more when it comes to future interviews.
  2. Speak to people in the industry. Don’t be afraid to call up people who work in the fashion sector and ask their advice on this topic, at the end of the day they will feel privileged to help, and you can mention in interviews that you took the initiative to obtain first hand help and knowledge on the topic.

Ask the experts

My advice for the fashion industry focuses around fashion writing and marketing, however, as previously mentioned there are so many different sectors to fashion meaning there are different ways to break into your ideal sector.

Because of this, I have chosen to interview two very important people in the fashion world: Karen Dougall, senior buyer at quiz clothing, and Laura Slater, fashion and glamour model.

Laura Slater

Laura has been modelling professionally since she left school at the age of 16 and has since gone on to shoot glamour, art and fashion shoots with her twin sister Leah. Laura’s journey began when her and her twin sister were asked to be involved in a final year art project, and after that she started to do a few shoots with photographers which led her to where she is now. Laura’s advice to anyone wanting to break into the modelling world is:

 ‘Stick to your guns on what you are prepared to do, and don’t let anyone push you into going over your levels or doing something you aren’t comfortable with. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is…’  

Laura Slater

Laura Slater

Karen Dougall

Karen has been a senior buyer at Quiz clothing for 10 years, and says that she has always been driven to have a creative career, as fashion is a brilliant way to bring out your creative side.

To read the full interviews visit the Quiz clothing blog for the Ask the expert post where Karen and Laura provide some insightful answers to common questions regarding how to break into the different parts of the fashion world.