Tamara Lackey is a renowned photographer, author and speaker. She photographs lifestyle, celebrity and children portraits that have graced numerous magazines. Tamara Lackey took a few moments to talk to Resource Magazine.

Pros can be pretty particular about what gear they use. What are you lugging around in your camera bag these days?

Nikon Products. My main camera bodies are the Nikon D4 and the D800. I’ve got a wide variety of lenses that I love including the Nikon 35mm, 105mm macro, 70-200mm  and 24-70mm. There are some others in there, but I use those ones the most.  I’ve got some PocketWizard’s, plenty of reflectors, and quite a number of circles and ovals and all that good stuff. There’s more stuff that I use, but that’s kind of the essentials list.


 From a Photographer’s point of view, what’s the biggest differences and similarities between working with Kids and working with celebrities?

Honestly, there are a lot of commonalities. You don’t have a lot of time with either. You need to plan and react quickly. With kids, you get that pose you want and you need to get it quickly. With a celebrity you just don’t have a lot of time in general. It pays dividends to be well-prepared for both.


 How about dealing with parents as opposed to a talent agent or personal assistant?

There is one big similarity. In both situations, you don’t get to see your subject until moments before the shoot begins. You do all the prep work with them instead of the subject. All the discussions happen with intermediary and you need to work with them to the best of your ability to work out as many details as possible.

What are your other interests outside of photography and how do those interests influence your work?

First and foremost, figuring out how to sanely exist in this world on a day to day basis. Seriously. Most people are just too busy and truly one of my interests is learning how to keep everything together and enjoy life to the fullest. I’ve actually got a website coming out called All-in-One  Life where I’m going to have a bunch of great content and resources around that topic. I read a lot on topics around health, energy, cooking, and fitness. I run a lot of marathons and try to stay active. I think its less of how my life interests my work, but how my work fits into my life, if that makes sense.

 You seem to always be doing something new and different when it comes to your career. What’s your secret to staying ahead of the curve and still keeping a work life balance?

Scheduling. I dedicated an extraordinary amount of attention to my life and work. I in no way just ‘wing it.’ Even when it comes to my family we have a weekly meeting where we go through agendas, events that are coming up and what our priorities are. It’s all about organization and productivity. In the end, it makes the fun things more fun and you avoid drowning in stress. On the flip side of that, you do need to dive in and make sure to act. You can’t just plan all day. Plan the best that you can and then act.

Tamara-Lacke,photography, kids

Lots of people fear photographing kids. Why do you love it and what do you see as the advantages?

I understand kids. The things most people fear or hate about children’s photography I love. For example, their ability to be themselves from the start. Adults can’t always do that. Before kids become lens-aware is the best time to photograph. They aren’t trying to act for you, they are just being themselves. When I do photograph adults, I remember how easy it is to just give someone directions on how to pose, but children inspire me so I keep coming back children’s photography.

You’ve been teaching a lot of workshops both on and offline. When is the next time Resource readers can watch you live?

I’m actually teaching two workshops in a couple of weeks on creativeLIVE. One is focused on Children’s Posing while the other is actually focuses on relationships both in the office and at home. It’s going to explore the question of how do you amplify happiness, confidence, and business potential through efficient relationships? I’m excited for both courses.


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