Siber Systems, Inc., a developer of software tools, announced their new Goodsync backup and synchronization technology update on June 17. Adobe has chosen to utilize the innovative tool, which will effectively power the computer software company’s file synchronization Creative Cloud.

The tool, while used in conjunction with the Creative Cloud service in mobile devices and desktops, has what seems like never-ending capabilities when it comes to the syncing, sharing and storing of files. This partnership between Siber Systems and Adobe is presenting people from all artistic backgrounds with a plethora of options when it comes to producing projects and teaming up with others from all different regions of the world.

“Creative Cloud brings together everything you need to create your best work. We’re delivering incredible new versions of our desktop tools, services that take publishing content to the next level and we’re making it easier than ever for creatives to collaborate and share their work worldwide,” said Bryan Mason, senior director, Digital Media at Adobe. “Our work with Siber Systems ensures that creatives, the world over, can access the latest versions of their files, no matter where they are.”

GoodSync has been recognized as one of the top performing backup and synchronization solution tools by various publications, such as ComputerWorld, PCWorld, CNET, Computer Technology Review, among others.

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