Skip Cohen University Summer Session will be Aug. 11-14 in Chicago. It’s coming up quick, so the time to apply is now—class sizes are small and fill up fast since SCU brings in only the best photographers to teach. For those of you who don’t think going will be possible because of financial woes, consider SCU as an investment on your future: you can always make more money later with what you take from the workshops! There’s a lot to learn and a lot of people to network with at the session. SCU is only $549 for 3 days of learning and networking opportunities. To make it even easier, they offer payment plans and incentives—they don’t want to drain your bank but, like their motto says, “Thrive—don’t just survive”:

  1. The program is $549 and $449 for Alumni. Both prices are incredibly economical and are so low compared to the extraordinary experience attendees receive. The rebate for alumni has been extended to June 10—so if you’re an alumni and forgot to sign up earlier, you have a second chance.
  2. Save Me a Seat. I doubt anyone else in the industry offers this incentive: You can attend the program with less than half money upfront. Pay $100 for registration, and a spot will be saved for you. Then, $150 will be due Aug. 1, right before the program starts. The rest of the balance won’t be due until Oct. 1. That’s two months an attendee can use what they learned and make the extra dough needed.
  3. BYOB (Bring Your Own Buddy). Alumni, you all know how good the program was. So, why not tell your friends who have missed out on the program to come? If you do that, Skip Cohen University will give you a $100 rebate for each person you bring (up to two people).
  4. Venice Album’s instant $200 credit. All attendees who spend $400 on the beautiful books at Venice Album will receive a $200 credit, good to the end of the year. So take a few pictures with what you learned at SCU and then have them bound by Venice Album—the $200 will certainly put your photos in a good-looking book.
  5. Photodex’s free one-year subscription to ProShow Web Premium. All those who attend SCU and the session with Suzette Allen will receive a free one-year subscription to ProShow Web Premium from Photodex. The usual $150 subscription will give you all the tools needed to make perfect online videos of your work.

For more information about the Summer Session, visit Skip Cohen University online:

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