Lately with all the new technology out there—iPhones, iPads, basically anything with and “i” in front of it—this has given anyone the ability to be their own personal photographer. One place in particular where people love to show off their camera skills, despite whether they have actual talent or not, is at weddings. This however does not always pan out well for professional photographers, who were actually hired to take photos for the newlyweds’ special day. Some of the rude behavior they have to deal with, such as being bombarded by guests who block crucial shots and make unnecessary suggestions can ultimately ruin your wedding photos. So brides and grooms, speak up! Don’t let your guests sabotage your photos!

Here’s ten annoying things that wedding guests constantly do that wedding photographers can’t stand:

1. Blocking the Photographer’s Shots.

Getting in your photographer’s way, thus ruining the well composed shot the photographer has thoughtfully set up is disrespectful. Not being aware of your surroundings or intentionally getting in the way of important photographs while at someone’s wedding will ruin many shots for the photographer.

2. Suggesting What Photos the Photographer Should Take.

Have some faith in your photographer—it’s not their first rodeo. If they are good enough to be commissioned by the bride and groom for their own wedding, chances are that they have shot a wedding before. Having guests come up to the photographer while they are diligently working to suggest “great shots” is actually distracting. And, I bet you the photographer already got the shot.

3. iPad Camera Shooting

Guests who insist on shooting the entire ceremony and/or reception with an iPad impedes on a photographer’s ability to be to evaluate the best shots. Plus the professional shots of your day taken by the photographer will now have loads of people holding iPads up, which won’t make for great wedding photos. These devices should never be used as cameras at weddings, ever.

4. Multiple Flashes from Guests During Important Wedding Day Moments.

The flash on your guests’ cameras is actually ruining your photographer’s shot of you, the happy couple. The photographer has set their camera settings for their camera and their flash (if using one), not for the power of 5 other flashes. So if your photographer is trying to capture your first kiss, your cake cutting or your first dance, the power of the other flashes with the shadows they create ruins the exposure, thus your photo is now ruined. Don’t let the most important moments of your wedding day get ruined because people want their own personal photos of your day. Take a stand and tell them to purchase photos from the photographer after the wedding if they really want a photo of you.

5. Repositioning the Bride and Groom.

When your photographer is posing you as a new couple that takes skill. They have thought of the most beautiful way to capture your love and would like to thoughtfully execute it. Please do not let your guests insist on re-posing you, or stopping the flow of the session because they have interrupted by saying something looks terrible or should be done differently.

6. Not Letting the Photographer Do Their Job.

Getting mad at the photographer for “being in your way,” or because they are moving around is not fair. That is their job. They were hired to capture every moment in a beautiful artistic way. Guess what, the guests get the photos from the bride too. So, let the professional grab the shots, and let your guests just enjoy the lovely day you have planned, and most of all, celebrate your love.

7. Complaining While Photos Are Being Taken.

Don’t complain to the photographer because they are taking more than one photo of a giant group shot. The photographer is taking multiple shots to ensure getting a perfect one with everybody’s eyes open and faces looking good. When your guests are complaining while the shots are being taken, every shot is then ruined because your guests no longer look good. Then the group shots take even longer. Then everything gets backed up.

8. Guests Stealing the Photographer’s Shots.

Your guests should never be stealing your photographer’s shots. When your photographer is trying to take a shot of you and your entire family that hasn’t been together in years, or with other guests and the newly married couple, the shot is ruined when too many cameras are flashing in front of the group. Now, instead of having one camera to look at, there are multiple cameras, which ensures not everyone is looking at the same camera. Thus, ruining your photos.

9. Guests Pushing Your Photographer Out of the Way.

When a photographer is standing in a certain spot during the ceremony or reception, it’s usually for a reason, whether it’s to catch the couple as they walk out of the church doors and into their limo or at good angle to snap photos of their first dance. That one reason is to give you the absolute best photos possible of your day. They have spent thousands of dollars on equipment for a reason. When guests push the professional out of the way to then stand where they were standing, it ruins the shot and is also extremely rude.

10. Refusing to Feed the Photographer.

Last but not least, feed your photographer. They are people too. They are working hard on their feet for hours before the ceremony even starts and are with you generally for eight to ten hours. They need food. Fed photographers are happy photographers. Happy photographers are creative photographers. Creative photographers get the best photos possible.