Looking to beat the heat?  The International Center of Photography is hosting its 2013 Triennial. The current exhibition “A Different Kind of Order” will be on display until September 8, 2013.  The artwork of “A Different Kind of Order” focuses on current widespread of economic, social and political instability. The exhibition includes twenty-eight artists who engage the services of photography, film, video, and interactive media.

ICP Triennial, photography, video, film


ICP Triennial, photography, film, video

The works of these artists reflect the developing patterns in digital image making. London-based Gideon Mendel shot photos and short videos of people standing in floodwaters in Thailand, India, U.S, and Nigeria after the storms have passed. Another must see is the A.K. Burns’ five videos. Peculiar yet interesting-the videos feature the stomping of vegetables and eggs. Though it may give the psyche an uneasy feeling for some, it’s worth they view.

A.K.Burns Interview from ICP on Vimeo.

To see a full list of all the Triennial artists and learn more information about “A Different Kind of Order” visit here. There you can also find an installation of self-published and independently published photobooks.