Summertime is in full effect. Many people use this as an opportunity to travel On this edition of Photofocus. Rick and Scott give a few tips about summer travel and photography season, places to shoot,travel guide resources. Once you’ve picked your destination, you can began to brainstorm ideas for places to shoot. A place to start would be online tools. With things like Google Earth, Map Quest, GPS  and Photograph America Newsletter,you have access topographical maps, street views that make travel photography easier. A traveler’s book is also another great method for  good ideas and provides print resolution in the actual book.

Packing can be task within in itself. But Rick explains it doesn’t have to be. “I’m not going to carry it to the field but I’ll get it to the destination is still a good strategy if you’re going to a once in lifetime destination.I’ve found great joy in limiting my self to one kit-one or two bodies, one or two lenses and a solid tripod. Able to focus on the subject and that’s where  I see newbie photographers fail. They get so wrapped up in the gear, having  all the filters and so much stuff. But they don’t think about composition light angle, hue creative depth of field. When you aren’t carrying so much you have to be more creative.”

You can listen to the full podcast here:
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So get ready for a summer of fun  and great pictures.