Matthew Karas is a commercial photographer based in New York. Growing up, he was fascinated with the images his father took as an amateur photographer, which is how he got his first taste for photography. He enjoys the creativity and collaborations and the forever-evolving scene of photography. “What I love is getting to do something different everyday. I may be shooting for the same company, but each project is something new.” As a professional photographer, Matthew Karas knows that you’re also a small business owner—not only is delivering a great product for clients important but so are organization and connecting with clients. Matthew Karas likes the readiness of the Photoshelter platform: “My website, portfolio and client log is all in one place. It makes it easier to share and send things,” he explains.

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Photoshelter is an online portfolio building website that recently launched Beam, their new platform. It works virtually from any device and doesn’t require any coding knowledge and offers real time editing tools for those last minute changes and typo corrections. Beam enables online business and marketing tools so photographers can streamline their work. It also allows photographers’ content to connect to social media platforms. Videos from Vimeo, photos from Instagram and blog posts from WordPress are now all in one place.

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