Yasser Alaa Mobarak is a 20-year-old portrait photography from Alexandria, Egypt. His work has made him the recipient of two National Geographic Photography Contest awards. Despite the pendulum state of Egypt, he is determined to use his craft as a positive impact.

Yasser Alaa Mobarak, photojournalism, Egypt

Being a native gave him leverage when it came to photographing people in Egypt. “This made them comfortable and I was able to capture their natural expressions,” he explained.  In addition to shooting people in Alexandria, Yasser Alaa Mobarak also serves as a contributing photographer to PBS NewsHour and Youth Journalism International. Yasser Alaa Mobarak started learning his craft in a local photography club. “I never wanted to be a portrait photographer. I started documenting Egypt’s revolution in 2011 and then I started shooting abstract images that later lead me to portrait photography,” he shared. Egypt has faced much uncertainty as the country continues to try to gain ground towards stability. Yasser Alaa Mobarak feels that photojournalism has played a huge role in Egypt’s revolution. “Sometimes you are at risk for being a photojournalist, but I feel the truth regimes often want to cover up what is being documented,” he said.

Yasser Alaa Mobarak, photojournalism, Egypt




Yasser Alaa Mobarak still has faith that his country will find stability. “I’m trying to use my power through photography to make a difference,” he said. He is currently working on displaying his work in more exhibits around the world. To see more work by Yasser Alaa Mobarak go here.