Kubota Image Tools is offering a great opportunity, a Boost Photography Workshop with two pros, Julia Kelleher and Kevin Kubota. Julia Kelleher is a designated Master Photographic Craftsman by Professional Photographers of America; less than eight percent of photographers in the U.S. hold that title. She is also a National Photographer of the Year and a winner of multi-international awards. Kevin Kubota owns and runs four photography related businesses with his wife, one of which is Kubota Image Tools. In addition to Kubota Image Tools, he owns a wedding business, a portrait business and AsukaBook USA, a company that makes coffee table style books.

The workshop will begin on November seventeenth in scenic Bend, Oregon, and conclude on November eighteenth. In these two days you’ll learn about studio and outdoor lighting techniques, you’ll learn image enhancement in Lightroom and Photoshop, and you’ll learn how to create a brand that is “uniquely you” along with countless other invaluable skills. Workshops are limited to just twenty participants, so each person gets the attention they need. For 658 dollars you’ll get two days jam packed with learning opportunities you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Sign up now, and take your first step toward becoming a more versatile photographer!

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