Do you ever find yourself experiencing photographer’s envy, staring wistfully at oh-so-dramatic shots of sunsets in Bali or oh-so-touching images of children in Cairo and thinking, “Why can’t that be me?” “Nothing exciting ever happens to me,” you sigh. “What the hell am I supposed to take pictures of, my breakfast cereal?” Not to fear—Foto Care is coming to the rescue! This Wednesday, their first ever photowalk will show you the exotic wonders that lie in wait just around the corner, hidden among the hot dog stands and garbage cans of New York City’s parks. This is New York, so the event begins bright and early(ish) with brunch at 11 a.m. at Foto Care’s Flatiron storefront (41 W. 22nd St.). From there, the whole gang will proceed to a nearby park, where Canon expert Jared Powers and Foto Care’s own Brian Heimbuecher and Kane Giblin will help you make the most of your shooting session. Then it’s back to Foto Care for lunch, and Canon’s Jamie Waller will help you print off a couple of your best shots on their Pixma Pro 10 printers as a souvenir of the day. The whole shindig costs $50, but you get a $50 Foto Care gift card when you show up that you can use on anything in the store. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Brian-Heimbuecher, Foto-Care, photowalk

© Brian Heimbuecher

For more info or to register for the event, check out Foto Care’s website.

Foto-Care, Canon, photowalk