Are you a part time food photographer? If so, you don’t necessarily own or work with a professional setup, especially if you shoot in your own kitchen. In a recent article he wrote for F-Stoppers, Taylor Mathis provides some tips on how to formulate your own DIY countertop lighting setup using some of your preexisting equipment. Taylor also provides some helpful uses for this setup in terms of placement. Using clear and easy to understand photos that walk you through a couple of different options, Taylor lends a multidimensional and creative approach to shooting photographs on your very own countertop.

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© Taylor Mathis, F-Stoppers


Providing step by step instructions on how to shoot with indirect diffused and direct diffused with and without fill should give you at least some idea on where to start with countertop photography. Next to his photographs demonstrating the setup, Taylor has also provided examples of how these pictures are affected by the lighting setup that he is using.

So what are you waiting for? If you have long been looking to start shooting your carefully prepared dishes for a budget, Taylor’s article is a great place to start.