Many of you professional and casual photographers love to have a camera on hand at all times. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to carry around that heavy DSLR everywhere you go. Because the cameras in cell phones are getting more and more advanced, it’s becoming increasingly possible to capture those beautiful images on the run. Enter the HiLo lens.

HiLo-lens, iPhone, Camera, Photography, Instagram, KickStarter

© HiLo Lens


Now it’s getting even easier to get creative with your iPhone camera with the HiLo lens. This little bugger is made of aluminum and attaches directly to the back your phone. The prismatic lens allows you to grab photos over a pretty wide verity of angles, including perpendicularly up and down. Point the lens down and put it on a table and you can capture great still images of your friends.


The HiLo lens also comes with a free app that lets you take higher quality images and includes timer functionality. Want to make all your Instagram friends really jealous? Hop on the HiLo lens train even though they already successfully completed KickStarter campaign. Even though you can’t get the discounted price for helping them out anymore, you can still have the privilege of being one of the first to have this lens in the wild.

HiLo-lens, iPhone, Camera, Photography, Instagram, Kickstarter

© HiLO Lens