One of the most powerful aspects photography and art in general is its capacity to inform us about very important issues in our world through beauty. Recently, we showed you the ForTrayvon campaign as a wonderful example of how viral campaigns can be used to raise awareness and bring justice into the world.

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Now we would like to introduce you to the Photo Ark, a project by photographer Joel Sartore created to inform and bring a stop to animal cruelty, endangered species, and developmental practices that harm our natural environment and the wildlife that inhabit it. National Geographic featured image from the Photo Ark project as their photo of the day and we’re hoping this coverage helps spread the word of this awesome cause.

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The Photo Ark is accepting donations on their site to help save many of the endangered species that they are featuring on their page, “Many of the species featured in the Photo Ark can indeed be saved, but it will take people with passion, money, or both to step up and get involved.”

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Perhaps the most striking aspect of this project is the beautiful photography that is coming out of it. The Photo Ark is using a unique, simplistic style because, “…isolating animals on black and white backgrounds” allows us to “look them directly in the eye and quickly see that these creatures contain beauty, grace and intelligence.” In concept, this seems to be inconversation with the work of Boza Ivanovic, whose work was also featured on Resource Magazine Online not too long ago.

The-Photo-Ark, Nature, Photography, Wildlife, Art

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